Monday, 3 April 2017

Housewife Tips: Banish the Morning Kitchen Blues

A kitchen you like to spend time in.

You don't have to face this kind of kitchen.

 The Housewifely Haven is all about enjoying the wonderful, peaceful world of contented homemaking. Here you will find tips that cost nothing and that will make a big difference in your day. The only requirement to this kind of contentment is that you do not rush things, and that you spend time pottering in your home.

The way to banish the morning kitchen blues is to gradually build tiny routines and habits into your life at home. They are so small as to be easily managed, but will reap big rewards.

Begin by making small preparations the afternoon or evening before (not too late). These preparations can be:

I don't know what you have for breakfast, but let us imagine that you begin with cooked porridge (oats). While you are cooking the tea/dinner the evening before, put a saucepan on the hob, and place the amount of oats you will need inside the pan. Put the lid on top to keep it clean and dry. Place your morning cutlery and bowls ready. Think about what food will be eaten. Is there food in the fridge that needs using up? Eggs, bacon or those few last mushrooms? While you sip your after dinner coffee, have a think about what you will do. Anything you can prepare earlier will make your morning easier. As you get more practiced, you will find new ideas pop into your mind that you can try.

In the evening after tea, put the things for your morning drink on a tray, ready to take upstairs .
A husband going off to work, will have a calm morning and unhurried breakfast which will set him up for the day. What a difference that will make for the one you love : )

As you cook the breakfast, use a brush and rinse out any pans as soon as you have used them. Make a routine of rinsing off dirty dishes as soon as they are used. Put them in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher in a rinsed condition. Also, give a swipe over the hob and counters with a soapy cloth, and then wipe the sink with a dry cloth. Rinse the soapy cloths before pegging onto a small washing line to blow dry. Wipe over your toaster and kettle with your dry cloth.

Give your husband a kiss as he leaves, and a quick brush over his jacket with a handy clothes brush, kept by the door.
Whether you have children at home or not, make a routine of coffee or tea for yourself with a snack, at least by mid-morning; maybe using this as a time to think about your plan for the day.

Remember - do not rush. Pottering pace is the more efficient and contenting in the long run. Enjoy the peace and health of the contented housewife. Instead of feeling the blues, you'll be tickled pink with your morning kitchen.


  1. Dear Lesley,
    It is so lovely to see you back blogging again... you have been missed!
    I agree that with just a little preparation and forthought, our kitchen (and anywhere else in the home) need not get messy.
    I find prepping the coffee pot the night before helpful also, as well as keeping a menu for the week as guidelines for meals. My husband works from home but attends meetings consistently through the week. Knowing his diary keeps me organised as to what may be suitable for lunches and teas.
    For example, if he has an evening meeting, tea is a bit earlier and I ensure there is no hint of garlic in the dish!
    I would find life very chaotic without being prepared ahead, and I am grateful for your tips and suggestions, as even a "seasoned" homemaker as myself can always benefit from a gentle reminder or new way of doing things.

  2. Hello Christine : ) Thank you for your kind words. These tips are great. I hope to post about menu planning one day.
    I will be reminding readers to read comments below posts as they can be so helpful. Thank you

  3. I have found that having a "meal plan" for breakfast makes my morning routine run so smoothly! While it is simply a rotation of three different meals that we all enjoy (I still have three children at home) just knowing what is upcoming is a life saver to me :-)


  4. Thank you Mrs.J Your breakfast menu tip is a good example of a small habit with big rewards in your daily life.

  5. I love the reminder to potter as I have a very strong tendency to rush!! Not even at an effficient pace, a true blue rush.
    So thank you!

  6. Thank you for your comments and tips